Hello fellow drummers and welcome to my website!

I want to help drummers everywhere! I’ve been a professional drummer, percussionist and drum educator for over 40 years. Following Juilliard, I’ve taught some of the best drummers on the scene today as well as beginners and professionals of all ages. Whether you’re a beginner or a longtime player who just needs some brushing up, I can help. And I love doing it! Making drummers better at what they do is my life’s work.

I am the creator and patent holder of the HingeStix.com Technique Drumsticks, a learning tool that helps drummers feel the rebound, develop finger technique, hold the drumsticks properly, feel the whipping motion of the Moeller technique, and understand proper fulcrum (that important balance point of the drumstick).

So once again, welcome, and let’s get started!

Sam Ruttenberg has been named one of the world’s best teachers in Modern Drummer magazine.
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